Non swedes – listen up

Okay so I’ve been noticing an influx on non swedish readers and although I know some of them are ”I searched for a pic on google and found your blog randomnly and I have no intention of returning” . And/or searching for ”sexy thick ladies”, LOL on that last one! I know that some of you are returning readers and I’ve been thinking about writing in swedish AND english for a while now…

Google translate only goes so far 😉 (personal experience… O.o)

The only thing stopping me is the fact that I know I’m gonna spell like a fucktard! and my husband THE FREAKING ENGLISH TEACHER! will laugh his ass off reading my swenglish…

But then again, I don’t know if there even is a demand for me writing in english.. Well.. I’m thinking about it at least^^




One thought on “Non swedes – listen up

  1. Yo!
    Inget illa ment om din husband här va, men efter att ha levt med en amerikan och har en del amerikanska internet-baserade vänskaper. THEY don’t care about grammar nor spelling half as much as they should. Just write and be happy, they know they are not reading something that is written in native…aight.


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