”Fuck flattering”

Ah, som ljuv musik för öronen 🙂

Citatet från introduktionen av Gisela Ramirez nya plussizekollektion.

I think it’s terribly important for people to know the meaning behind “Fuck Flattering”

It seems to me that more and more, people tend to form an opinion about something without bothering to find out the intention!

Fuck flattering does not mean I don’t care about looking good, about looking stylish or about looking beautiful. It simply means I get to decide what I wear, what is stylish for me and what makes ME feel beautiful, not the media, not magazines, not some “make over show” on the television.

This is the message you should have been given instead of all the times you’ve been told not to wear a particular style or colour or shape or direction of stripe.

Fuck -what they tell you is ‘flattering’ for your body/shape/colour/height… Wear what YOU want to wear, without apologies!

-Gisela             ”



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