Evans svarade!

Eller ja.. Anton på costumer service svarade och var så urbota trevlig och serviceinriktad att jag fick dåligt samvete.

Jag – HI, this is my second mail in the last two weeks to you guys. I have ordered from Evans twice in the past month and I’ve gotten emails about the orders being despatched in december..

The first order is supposed to have been sent the 21st of december and the second one the 29th of december .. But now it’s a month later and I have heard nothing about the orders.. And I have friends that have ordered about the same time and their orders have gotten to their destinations..
The total is about 74 pounds and Im a student so please..
If you have lost the orders I would like my money back!

// Hoping you will answer this time.

Anton på service –

Dear Mrs MÃ¥ned,

Thank you for your email received 19 January 2011.As you know during December the country was hit with adverse weather conditions which badly affected the postal service. We are currently doing all we can to get backlogged orders out to our international customers. If I could ask you to hold on for a little longer as many packages are now showing up to customers 5-6 weeks after they ordered them. I understand it is a major inconvenience and I greatly appreciate your patience.

If you don’t want to wait any longer and want a refund I will be happy to process a refund for you. Let me know what you want to do.

Evans Customer Service

Skit liksom. Va inte så jävla trevlig, sånt är man som svensk INTE van vid.. Jag menar.. Har någon här ringt exempelvis Comhem… Världens sämsta företag med världens bästa reklamer.. Ett paradoxalt företag helt enkelt.



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